a) Job Purpose

The Senior Legal Officer will be responsible for providing legal advice to the Authority. He/She will also be responsible for drawing up and submitting contracts, agreements and other legal documents

b) Key Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail:-

(i) providing legal advice to ensure the best legal approach is taken by the Authority

(ii) drawing up and submitting contracts, agreements and other legal documents;

(iii) preparation and monitoring of the Section’s budgets and expenditures;

(iv) undertake Legal research to ensure the Authority is acting in accordance with all applicable laws;

(v) preparing Quarterly Legal Reports;

(vi) acting and advising the Authority on regulatory changes or issues;

(vii) preparation of Board Resolutions, Action Points, Board Reports and Board Minutes;

(viii) identifying legal and compliance risks and issues relative to the Authority’s intended actions;

(ix) managing the risk exposure of the Authority by ensuring compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements;

(x) liaising with external lawyers on all cases filed against the Authority to ensure instructions, witnesses and statements are procured on time;

(xi) working with external lawyers to initiate lawsuits or to formulate a defence, to gather evidence in legal proceedings involving the Authority and rendering general advice relating to any legal proceedings involving the Authority;

(xii) acting on claims that may be made by the Authority in debt recovery; and

(xiii) representing the Authority in litigation matters in various Courts within Kenya.


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